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Name and Address of the Organization: JINDARAM EXPORTS

Deepak Goyal started his life with the small capital for business in the age of 20 and now in the age of 29 his present turnover is Crores Rupees.Definitely! You can’t write off the small town boy aspiring to climb the zenith of success. Deepak Goyal was born on 14th April 1993 in Hisar district of Haryana After graduating from the Delhi University in 2013 from S.G.T.B Khalsa College of North Campus, he started his own enterprise of import and export business, making him the Youngest exporter of India. Never had he imagined the glory of his business acumen would take him places. Flourishing his business visited Indonesia, UAE, Sri-lanka, Thailand and Maldives and even planning to expand further in USA , Bahrain, Qatar and Germany ; and meeting with High businessman numerous Countries. Professionalism paid dividends but the work ethics certainly won hearts of the very hopeful client. Recently got to meet The Richest Man of Sri-Lanka, Mr Dammika Perera Ji, and had learnt the success business mantra of “Don’t respect those who don’t respect you”. No doubt the journey has seen ordeals but strong determination resulted to overcome those transient shortfalls. Just like a tale of rags to riches, Deepak left no stone unturned to realize his potentials. Business dealings with the world’s most prestigious companies, successful attempt with the international assignments, delivering before the deadlines are the perfect hallmarks of his flamboyant character. He proved age is just a number, if you believe in your dreams. They call him super rich and that’s what the status he maintains. A long Way to go and dreams to chase. Deepak Goyal was recently awarded“30 under 30 Award” Most influential personality in India organized by UNITED BUSINESS JOURNAL held at Noida, U.P.

About jindaram Exports

JINDARAM EXPORTS is a manufacturing, trading and sourcing company based in India providing almost all types of products. We have exported & exporting products to U.S.A , U.K , Germany , Netherlands , Sweden , Maldives , Australia , Israel , South Africa , Singapore , Turkey , Sri Lanka , Saudi Arabia , Afghanistan , covering almost 25 countries worldwide. Dealing in more than 100 varieties of product with complete customization and in-house manufacturing arrangement in India. And working on to develop and expand our business platform to such an extent where hotels and resorts can procure maximum number of products on one single platform and to avail maximum number of products to international Whole seller and retailers which are popular in India at our display. Provide delivery duty paid shipment service and also do international contract or project based work.

How does it impact the market / society? –
When this company was started, International B2b business services were not available in India at
macro stage. They have experienced that there business needed a very high level of managerial and
marketing skill which was a bit difficult to handle by the previous generation.
JINDARAMEXPORTS is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter for International clients, it use to make
supply for mostly the resort related stuff to Maldives, currently making supply to around 45 resorts of
Maldives and apart from these Company use to supply to wholesalers , retailers and end clients of
various company. Company do attend end customer directly who are looking forward to buy Indian
origin products from a trustworthy platform

There are so many international people who want to buy products from India but have difficulties in
finding a proper export ori