Production Capability

Production Line - Above 50 products
Output Value - US $ 30 M

Trade Capability

Export Experience - 9 years
Trade Staff - 45-50 People

OEM Capability

OEM Service - Yes
OEM Experience - 9 years

R&D Capability

ODM Service: Yes
Number of R&D Staff - 6 to 10

Our services

How we work

Order Process


Customer can send his/her requirement either via email, Whatsapp, Alibaba, or directly by any source to us.


We will evaluate the buyer's inquiry, based on his/her requirement, we will share our catalogs and take his/her consent on the product along with its required quantity. A formal quotation will be submitted to the client.

Sample Approval

Before accepting a commercial order, we will submit a pre-order or pre-shipment sample to the client for a quality check. If samples can't be delivered, we will send technical specification sheets or images of the products.

Order Processing

On approval of the Quotation and samples, buyers can raise a PO as per agreed terms and release advance payments. On receipt of advance payments, your order will be accepted and processed.


Once an order is processed, commercial shipment production will begin and will be completed as per the agreed terms.

Dispatch of Material

On completion of the production process; shipment images, draft commercial papers, and all related information to the shipment will be shared with the client before dispatch at the origin port.

Receipt of Shipment

After dispatch, BL will be raised. Buyer has to pay the outstanding payments and take the BL copy either in express or original form for custom purposes and take the delivery at his/her country port. The order is said to be completed on receipt of material by the client.


Customer feedback is highly appreciated and we always welcome our client to provide reviews on product quality, packaging, cost structure, delivery timing and after-sales services. A positive review to boost our confidence and a negative review for the improvements. Thanks for your business.

We are in numbers


International shipment


International Clients


Experience(in yrs)


Countries Covered

Why choose us ?


We are able to venture out into the world and adapt to their changing environment quickly. We regularly study the culture, attitudes, and business landscape of our targeted international markets.


We are curious by nature. We love learning and exploring new cultures. This trait is part of what drives entrepreneurs to venture into the global marketplace and find success when they get there.


We are able to adjust our focus to foster strong business relations, tackle unforeseen obstacles, and pursue new opportunities.


We are confident in our capabilities and comfortable presenting our ideas to others. Public speaking is essential to our company’s growth. We use a boost, rehearse prior to our presentations, and consider filming them.


We are able to take something complex and simplify it. It is an underrated, yet crucial skill for exporters.

Social and emotional intelligence

Social and emotional intelligence is critical to being able to drive success in today’s marketplace. We educate ourselves about the cultural norms of the foreign countries and people we'll be working with as we navigate our new global challenges and hurdles.


We are objective and open to the ideas, attitudes, and approaches of others. We can work on our objectivity by studying different management techniques and learning how some leading executives and businesses have utilized different tactics to find success overseas.


Perseverance and persistence are essential to overcoming the frequent challenges in expanding our business. As with any business endeavor, exporting requires determination, grit, and stick-to-it-iveness, especially when facing complications or challenges unique to global exporting.


We enjoy spending significant amounts of time in foreign countries and learning new languages. We are intimidated by that prospect and plan to visit our target country for two-three weeks to get a better understanding of the local customs and logistics of day-to-day living. We can also take online language courses to improve our ability to communicate with vendors and customers.


We are skilled at bringing out the best in people, regardless of their position, background, or geographic location. If we’re not certain how strong our leadership skills are, we use to ask former colleagues who are more likely to be honest than those with whom we currently work.


Communicating potentially uncomfortable information with sensitivity is key for leaders; this skill is even more essential when working internationally with diverse populations. When you have an important and difficult conversation looming, we use it to prepare what we want to say and how we want to say it.


The ability to bounce back from even the most challenging events is critical and lays the groundwork for dealing with similar issues in the future.

Customers love us


Jindaram Exports is managing our complete custom clearance process, import duty payments and local transportation, serving us on DDP basis, in MALE while simultaneously providing us with Installation and After Sale Services for Metal Ceiling. Jindaram Exports’s expertise in gathering and quoting best ceiling options at good rates across a wide range of ceiling options available internationally , in what is turning into a rapidly changing pricing environment, speaks volumes to their dedication to people and processes which is setting Jindaram Exports and us up for success into the future.


As with all companies, Jindaram Export’s greatest assets are its employees. Adjectives that describe them are dedicated, driven, meticulous, tenacious and vigilant. Our contacts at Jindaram Exports are dedicated to excellence in all they do. They are driven to provide world class service. They are meticulous in every detail of their work and every document they handle and process. They are tenacious in demanding true value from the companies and organizations they handle on our behalf. They constantly are looking ahead, anticipating and preventing problems before they manifest themselves. This is not a description of one person at Jindaram Exports. It is a description of every member of the team with which we dea.


We have worked with Jindaram Exports for more than 3 years and rely on them 100% for all our resort requirements. They communicate with us daily keeping us continuously updated on the status of all our air and sea shipments from ex-factory overseas to delivery in our resort. They have been responsive to all our requests including additional reporting needs and staffing requests as well as becoming experts in purchasing the items for our resort at best rates. Over the years, we have regularly obtained quotes from their competitors and always came back to Jindaram Exports for the best value and customer service.


I got in touch with Jindaram Exports to procure a gift item to be used for promoting one of my books. The only idea I had about what I wanted was that it needed to be something unique that would appeal to my readers and fall within my budget. Not only did the team at Jindaram Exports guide me on the available options, but they also ensured that I got exactly what I wanted (a customized fridge magnet) at just the right price and within the limited time that Ii had. Working with Jindaram Exports was a delightful experience and I wish the team there all the success.

Anurag AnandBestselling author of The Legend of Amrapali, Where the Rainbow Ends & Love on 3 Wheels

JINDARAM EXPORTS has been our trusted supplier of Geo Textiles since the last 4 years and we are highly satisfied with their approach and responsiveness to our requirements. They maintain good relation not only with me but also with my working team which includes Chief Engineer , Project Managers and Purchase Managers. The resultant interaction helps them deliver quality work to everyone’s satisfaction. What we appreciate most is that they continuously visit us at our Maldives and Indian office for discussing our new requirements, seek feedback for supplied products and presenting their new production collection. We certainly think of them as a trusted supplier.

VIR K CHOPRAManaging Director, Reethifaru Resort, Maldives

They do what they say and their action speaks louder than their words”. This line pretty much defines the working of Jindaram Exports. I have recently come in contact with Jindaram Exports for my requirement of customized size PVC pipes. Timely delivery was the utmost priority. Jindaram Exports kept its words and delivered the products even before the time they promised. The pipes were of very good quality and even the prices were very competitive. Jindaram Exports is very good at customization of products and OEM. Working with them was a pleasant experience.


Buckets of Praise for the young blood of Jindaram Exports. They are very dynamic , determiner , and their level of professionalism at such a young age calls for tons of appreciation. I just had a very good experience working with them and these people are epitome of hard work and perseverance.

Marc Anthony SteffenGERMANY

Jindaram Exports is a true pleasure to work with. They are timely, professional, organized and customer service oriented. In short they are everything that you would expect from an exporting company at the top of their game.

Julianna KadarSwitzerland

Jindaram Exports has done an excellent job for us, they provided initial professional guidelines for our startup and offered special prices for Butterfly Chairs to boost our business in earlier stages. They are attentive to detail and a proactive business partner handling timely delivery of the consignments.

Charlie CourtauxUSA

Jindaram Exports has been our main Sourcing Company since 2013. Throughout this time they have been an important player in our growing import business. Jindaram Exports has always, in our name, looked for the best product quality and the lowest rates. Everybody at Jindaram Exports is professional and very pleasant to work with.


JINDARAM EXPORTS is the ocean of trust where all the rivers like Honesty, Faith, Transparency, Relation, Perfection, Excellent After Sales Service and Best Product Quality come together. Because of all these qualities , Jindaram Exports is becoming a fastest growing Indian export company in the Maldives resort industry.

ASHOK PILLAYExecutive Housekeeper, Amari Havodda

They are very fast and dynamic in every aspect of their business, be it providing quotations or giving regular update and photos of order in progress. One thing which separates them from other suppliers is their strength in customizing all kinds of products they are doing.

RANJIT R DHARMASENAExecutive Housekeeper, Amaya Resort & Spa, Kuda Rah

I am very happy with their products and their after sales service is more than outstanding, I would say JINDARAM EXPORTS people are very professional and all their products are of very good quality. I would recommend JINDARAM EXPORTS for sourcing all kind of products related to resort industry.

RAMSAY PERERAGeneral Manager, Embudu Village, Maldives

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